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Then in Rome

Then in Rome  1st in the Rome Series!

Coming Soon in Summer of 2025

During a five-year war with Rome from 27BC to 22, BC. The one-eyed Kandake Amanirenas led the Kushite resistance against the Roman forces led by Gaius Petranious. During this war, Amariote the daughter of her relative Makeda is captured and taken to Rome

There Amariote and the British princess Aife who are taken to the household of Lucius Antonius plot their escape but she is torn between two loves! Will she choose freedom with Aife or stay in Rome with Lucius?


First in the Ragnarök Series

Her story is told in The New Testament briefly in Acts 16:8-34 where she has an encounter with the Apostle. We know as the unknown slave girl of Philippi, her name forgotten in history forgotten in a patriarchal culture. She is mere footnote now but today her story will be told.

Axelia: Defender of the  Gods!  (Coming  soon in 2025

this a story about Axelia daughter of Aure queen of the Amazons and the god Apollo and stepdaughter to Adrian governor of Attica during the reign of the Roman emperor Constantine who ruled from 306 AD to 337 AD. Axelia battles the evil gods Quirinus and Loki so she can stop Ragnarök which is the end of the gods, she also battles Lucifer. She must try to save the pantheons of gods in the world, stop the persecution of Jews and Christians and bring peace to a troubled empire.

Celtic Fire Second in the Rome Series

Coleen a Celtic slave who was in the same household as Aife and Amariote, is a sage, healer and sorceress she refuses to use her magic to free herself but has dreamed of being free. She finally gets the chance to be free but she would leave her Senator lover when he needs her the most. Will she go back to Britannia or will she stay in Rome?

Unlikely Queen

​It is the retelling of the Esther story but my version of how things went down. Esther is a Jewish orphan living in Persia and despite all odds against her she became Queen of Persia and uses her position to save her people.


In 1818, on the beautiful island of St. Lucia ( The Helen of the West Indies), four years after the French handed over the island to the British house slave, Rose escapes slavery and escapes to Regency England and passes for white as a governess to Eric Whelton's, the Duke of Suffolk, twin daughters. Can she continue her charade in Regency England?

Historical Fiction, Fantasy and Historical Romance Author

About O'Nika Auguste

O’Nika Auguste is from the island of Saint Lucia. She has degrees and certificates  in literature . history and religion. O’Nika is a lover of mythology, history, literature, and religion. O’Nika is an avid reader. She loves the beach. O’Nika is a huge fan of sci-fi/fantasy and historical fiction, whether it be the written word or a television show. She also loves a good comedy. She is a huge fan of Daft Punk, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Kimbra, Janelle Monae, Solange Knowles, Queen, Madonna, Celine Dion, Nightwish, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrisette, and Evanescence. O'Nika also loves soca music and dance hall like Patra, Michael Mantono, Kes, Alison Hinds, Destra, Motto, and many others. Her musical taste is versatile, and she enjoys all genres except hardcore rap and hardcore rock. O'Nika reads all genres except suspense and mysteries. O’Nika writes fantasy, historical romance, and historical fiction.

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