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From A Dark Place

From A Dark Place is an autobiographical collection of poetry with a lot of darkness ; there are constant glimmers of light and hope. The glimmers of light within the darkness illustrate lucidity and resilience. The collection is not overwhelmingly dark but has soft images that demonstrate hope and light. The collection leaves the reader with the image of a checkerboard that is alternating between black and white.

Ladjablès: A Love Story

Professor Nikita Burnett is teaching remotely and enjoying the sun, sea, and food in Saint Lucia, her country of birth. After hearing rumors that there are still Kalinagos ( the Indigenous people /Caribs) on the island, Nikita embarks on a search to find them. During her search, she encounters a Ladjablès and begins a love affair with her. Against the backdrop of Covid 19, a very religious and Catholic society, Nikita must balance her faith and sexuality with love.
Can she be religious, a lesbian and love the devil’s woman

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