Many years ago, during my time as an undergraduate at Grambling State University, I embarked on the journey of crafting a historical romance/fantasy novel entitled "Dark Love." One of its central characters was the devil's woman, and to this day, the initial five chapters of that endeavour remain on my Wattpad, a reminder of humble beginnings.

The genesis of the idea gained momentum as I delved into my research for an article on the Ladjablès for my Patreon. Explorations into Peanut and Caribbean myths further fuelled my fascination, ultimately compelling me to weave a tale centred around the enigmatic figure of the Ladjablès. Originally slated for release in July, then August, I ultimately deferred the novelette's publication to the year's end as the narrative continued to evolve.

Initially conceived as an erotic narrative, "Ladjablès " retains its sensuous undertones, yet my focus gradually shifted towards enriching the storyline. Rooted in a tapestry of influences, the narrative intertwines threads of Catholicism, with one protagonist navigating her devout Roman Catholic faith alongside her sexuality. Drawing from Saint Lucian history, Caribbean folklore, and mythology, the tale is set against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, albeit not as its primary theme.

In my reflections, I aspire to revisit and revise "Dark Love," juxtaposing it with the current narrative. The impetus behind both tales emerged from a realization: the vilification of the Ladjablès stemmed from patriarchal constructs, prompting me to ponder her plight as a battered and betrayed woman seeking solace from the Devil, only to be cursed in return.

A myriad of inspirations coalesce within these pages, and I eagerly anticipate sharing this journey with my readers. I invite you to  order your copy and succumb to the seductive allure of the Ladjablès.